Cipta Rupa Pertama

2009 October

WTP Leakage Injection Repair at Housing Complex, Cengkareng

Period        : October  – November 2009

Contractor  : Mitra Agung, PT

Owner        :

Products    : Nitofil WS60, Nitofil UR63 & Nitobond EC (FOSROC)

Concrete Repair application at A. Yani Bridge Road, Bekasi

Period    : October 2009

Contractor: Paesa Pasindo Engineering, PT

Owner     : Indonesian Public Work Department

Products  : Patchroc RSP, Conbextra GP & Nitobond AR (FOSROC)


Crack Injection Repair for Raft Foundation at Jakarta Tower Project


Period    : October – November 2009

Contractor: L&M Systems Indonesia, PT

Owner     : Prasada Japa Pamudja, PT

Products  : Conbextra EP10TG, Conbextra EP10D, Nitobond EC & Conbextra GP (FOSROC)


This is a raft foundation which will support the plan of building the Jakarta Tower which is the tallest building in Indonesia.

Problems arise when the casting took place not accompanied by subsequent curing process, causing a rift structures patterned  as rebars pattern underneath.

This leads to concrete and concrete becomes monolith.

CRP measures to do is:

1.  Identify the type of damage.

2.  Perform initial cleaning.

3.  Installing nipple with epoxy bonding agent material: Nitobond EC.

4.  Replacing the seal also with epoxy bonding agent material: Nitobond EC.

5.  Once installed, then the wind is blown through the nipple injection using electric-powered compressor.

6.  Then epoxy injection material: Conbextra EP10TG injected by means of LPI (Low Pressure Injection) with blown from the compressor.

7.  For cracks that area moist or waterlogged, we use injection material: Conbextra EP10D designed for damp and wet areas.

8.  After completion of the injection process, and the seal attached nipple cleaned with a diamond grinder.