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Concrete can be damaged in many ways. Carbonation is the most common. The reinforcement will corrode over time which causes the concrete to crack and spall but chemical damage or mechanical abrasion are also common. It’s important the damaged concrete is then properly repaired and protected from further damage to prolong the life of the structure.

 The choice of repair material used is crucial. At CRP we offer everything from cement based, resin based, fluid, high build, spray applied and structural repair mortars. As well as a full specification service to engineers and consultants from a steel primer to a full elastic anti carbonation coating.


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Estop Skimcoat

Estop Skimcoat is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powder which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent cementitious skimming mortar. The material is based on a blend of cements, graded aggregates, special fillers and chemical additives to provide the material ...

Estop Water Plug compound

Estop Water Plug compound is a fast set chloride free hydraulic cement mortar. It is in pre-packed powder form and when mixed with water, it becomes a powerful, fast setting permanent Water Plug. Estop Water Plug compound is ideal to stop water leakage through concrete and masonry instantly with excellent structural ...

Estopatch MP

Estopatch MP is a single component shrinkage compensatedpre-packed repair mortar to which water is added on site. It consists of specially blended non shrink cement, graded sand, fillers and chemical polymers to provide durable repair to concrete. The lightweight fillers allow application thicknesses of 40mm vertical and 25mm soft without formwork. ...

Estopatch RSP

1.    Estopatch RSP is a blend of dry powders and graded aggregates which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, high strength, free flowing repair concrete which self-compacts. The material is blend of inorganic cements, special fillers and chemical additives to control the rate ...

Estopatch ST

Estopatch ST is a pre-pack, single component structural repair material, which needs only the addition of water on site. Estopatch ST has low permeability property thus provides optimum protection to steel reinforcement from chloride attack. The Estopatch ST formulation plus Estobond Acryl bonding agent ensure intimate contact with parent concrete. Its ...


Estoplate is a Carbon Fiber Laminates Strips, composite material for reinforcement of new and the strengthening of existing structures. The material exhibit excellent resistance towards corrosion and is able to dissipate energy as required in earthquake scenarios. It comes in various thicknesses of carbon strips (mm). They are known as: ...


Estowrap is a high strength high elastic modulus sheet of longitudinal oriented continuous carbon fibre element which are held in position by lightweight open mesh scrim. Lt comes in various sheet weight of carbon fibres (glm2). They are known as o EstoWrap 150  . EstoWrap 200 r EstoWrap230  . EstoWrap 300 r EstoWrap ...

Expocrete GP, BC and UA

Expocrete mortars are two pack. Each is a different colour to provide visual confirmation of adequate mixing on site. Expocrete cures chemically and therefore does not require the presence of water, solvent or oxygen.   Expocrete products have high compressive strengths, cure with negligible shrinkage and are resistant to chemical anf physical ...

Galvashield CC

Discrete galvanic anode embedded within a specially formulated cementitious mortar. The Galvashield CC unit is inserted into a pre-drilled hole and encapsulated within Galvashield CC Bedding Mortar.   Galvashield CC45-Short unit for use in concrete of restriced depth.   Galvashield CC65-Standard unit use in areas of moderate steel density.   Gasvashield CC100-Larger unit for use in ...

Galvashield LJ

Galvashield LJ is a galvanic protection system based upon the installation of prefabricated GRP jackets lined with expanded zinc mesh conforming to ASTM B69-92 for A190 alloy. The mesh is connected to the steel reinforcement to provide the required protective current to the steel.   Following the fixing of Galvashield LJ, ...

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