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We sell a range of bonding agents and adhesives for many different environments. Be it for new screeds to old concrete, timber flooring or even steel plate bonding, we have the product for you.
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Acrylic polymer modified protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry. Uses To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen and water. The product is also suitable to protect other cementitious substrates and masonry for new and existing structures. Typical applications include : - Re-facing and ...

Mortar Utama

  By using MU made of selected sand, cement, filler and additives, the quality of the constructions made of MU is certainly a lot better compared to the conventional method (mixing cement and sand separately on site). Problems caused by the conventional mix can be in a form of a crack ...

Nitobond AR

Polymer emulsion bonding agents. Nitobond AR is recommened primers for the Renderoc cementitious repair systems. It may also be used as an economical dust proofer for non-trafficked cementitious surfaces. ...

Nitobond EC

Adhesive compound is an epoxy resin based products with special fine fillers. The components differ in colour thus allowing visual assessment of mixing. ...

Nitobond ECP

Nitobond ECP is an epoxy resin based products with special fine fillers. The components differ in colour thus allowing visual assessment of mixing. ...

Nitobond EP

Epoxy resin concrete bonding agent. For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces. For use on horizontal surfaces and on vertical surfaces where mortar or concrete can be supported by formwork. Ideal for extensions and repairs to concrete in factories, loading bays, trucking aisles, bridges, roads, bonded or granolithic ...

Nitobond PVA

Nitibond PVA is a multi-purpose PVA adhesive based on polymerised resins and is a white, non-toxic, water based emulsion of medium viscosity which dries to a transparent film. ...

Nitobond SBR

Nitobond SBR is a modified styrene butadiene rubber emulsion which is supplied as a ready to use white liquid. It is designed to improve the qualities of site-batched cementitious mortars slurries. Being resistant to hydrolysis, it is ideal for internal and external applications in conjuction with cement. ...

Nitoprime 25DS

NITOPRIME 25DS is a two component epoxy based primer good penetrating properties and low odour. It is suitable for priming all concrete surfaces prior to the application of any the NITOFLOR SL or TF range of resin based floor toppings, NITOCOTE range of protective cotings, NITOMORTAR epoxy repair mortars and ...

Nitoprime Zincrich

Nitoprime Zincrich is supplied as a single component grey coloured liquid base on metallic zinc and epoxy resins. ...

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