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Equipment and supplies for the construction work that is special material applications (specialist contractor). Our sales team will help you to choose the right product to suit your purposes, such as:

·         Mixing Buckets

·         Mixing Paddles and Drills

·         Measuring jugs

·         Flooring and plastering trowels

·         Bucket Trowels

·         Brushes and Brooms

·         Paint rollers and brushes

·         Spiked rollers and shoes

·         Pin levellers

·         Squeegees

          Cleaning brushes

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CRP® Floor LH

Designed to penetrate and strengthen concrete surfaces. CRP® Floor LH liquid floor hardener is used for surface hardening of new and old concrete to prevent dust generation and to reduce wear. This is particularly recommended in areas where stain resistance is the main criteria. Typical areas of application include parking facilities, ...

Heating Blade

PVC Waterstop Heating Blade is a 220V electric source heater blade for joining waterstops. 2" (W) x 30" (L) inclusive of 6" handle  1kg ...


Masters of concrete technologyRamset’s expertise in concrete technology includes systems for chemical and mechanical anchoring, drilling, diamond coring, construction chemicals, as well as direct fixing into concrete and steel. Our areas of speciality include:• Cracked and non-cracked concrete anchoring systems.• Anchoring systems tested to and compliant with Australian and International ...

Spike Roll

Ideal for rolling out air bubbles and leveling and moving pumped floor coatings Also for epoxy coatings and self-levelers Individual, replaceable discs freely rotate 9" and 18" lengths available with 1-1/8" spikes; 4" overall diameter Also available with 5/8" spikes and other length rollers ...

Spike Shoes

Spike shoes allow you to walk over wet paint or epoxy without damaging the coating. ...