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Concrete can be damaged in many ways. Carbonation is the most common. The reinforcement will corrode over time which causes the concrete to crack and spall but chemical damage or mechanical abrasion are also common. It’s important the damaged concrete is then properly repaired and protected from further damage to prolong the life of the structure.

 The choice of repair material used is crucial. At CRP we offer everything from cement based, resin based, fluid, high build, spray applied and structural repair mortars. As well as a full specification service to engineers and consultants from a steel primer to a full elastic anti carbonation coating.


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Estocrete WR

Estocrete WR is a two parts epoxy resin mortar, which is cured chemically. It has excellent compressive strength, which cured with negligible shrinkage and applicable in damp and underwater condition. Estocrete WR has good chemical resistant. 60 to 70% of final compressive strength will be achieved after about 48 hours curing ...

Estorex BC

1.    Estorex BC is a three parts epoxy mortar, based on a combination of base, hardener and selected graded fillers. After mixing, it forms a trowellable mortar with good workability and high adhesion. ...

Estotile BC

1.    Estotile BC is consists of a blend of polymer, cement and selected sands which requires to be mixed with water, when use. ...


Acrylic polymer modified protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry. Uses To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen and water. The product is also suitable to protect other cementitious substrates and masonry for new and existing structures. Typical applications include : - Re-facing and ...

CRP® Floor LH

Designed to penetrate and strengthen concrete surfaces. CRP® Floor LH liquid floor hardener is used for surface hardening of new and old concrete to prevent dust generation and to reduce wear. This is particularly recommended in areas where stain resistance is the main criteria. Typical areas of application include parking facilities, ...

Estobond Acryl

1.    Estobond Acryl is a single component white, milky emulsion based upon modified acrylic type resins. It is formulated for use with Estopatch concrete repair mortarsystem and as a bonding agent for concrete and mortar. It is resistant to hydrolysis and therefore can be used in external or internal applications. ...

Estobond ES

1.    Estobond ES is based on solvent-free epoxy resins containingpigments and fine fillers. It is supplied as a two part material inpre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.Colored components, white base and green hardener, providevisual evidence that adequate mixing is achieved. ...

Estobond P

1.    Estobond P is a single component white, milky emulsion basedupon modified acrylic type resins.It is formulated as a bonding agent for concrete repair and cement modifier for plastering purposes. ...


1.    Estofill is a low viscosity, two-part epoxy resin compound. It consists of one part epoxy resin and one part of curing agent. It has high penetrability, and will cure in crack and cavities (wet or dry) with negligible shrinkage ...

Estop Microcrete

Estop Microcrete is a high performance micro concrete, supplied as a ready to use, blend of dry powder and 3mm to 6mm Graded Chippings. Estop Microcrete is a blend of Portland Cement, graded fillers and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic state whilst minimising water demand. The ...

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