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Estop’s early involvement in the specialized construction products business started off as in 1990s. In response to the growth potential in the country and to develop our position in the marketplace, ESTOP Sdn Bhd, a locally incorporated company was formed in 2002 to promote the ESTOP branded products.

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Estoflex PU850

Estoflex PU850 is a single component which is newly developed polymer of MMA, natural rubber, and polyurethane form elastic waterproof membrane.   ...

Estoflex PU900

Estoflex PU900 is a flexible single component low VOC polyurethane exposed waterproofing and sealing membrane with Ultra Violet resistant for external application on wall and roof. ...

Estoflex SM

Estoflex SM is a polymer modified emulsion. The material is spray applied in conjunction with a water soluble catalyst through specially designed spray equipment. It can be applied over damp surfaces and onto green concrete. ...

Estofoam PU

Concrete often cracks. It is inevitably recognized and experienced. Concrete construction requires joints. These joints cause very serious problems of water leakage. Estofoam PU is able to stop water leakage permanently and it is non toxic when cured. ...

Estoform WB50

Estoform WB50 is specially blended of chemicals having release properties. It is supplied as a light amber coloured liquid.   ...

Estogard FS

High Performance Concrete Floor Sealer Estogard FS is a floor sealer based on a processed blend of synthetic acrylic resin and modifying agents in solvent to give a quick drying mobile liquid. Estogard FS cures, seals and hardens interior or exterior concrete surfaces, with resultant increased strength, chemical resistance, and durability. ...

Estogard T500e

3 – 5 mm Heavy Duty Epoxy Resin Floor Topping Estogard T500e is a three component trowel applied epoxy topping. Estogard T500e can be laid to thickness of 3 to 5mm. It is a seamless and anti –slip surface. The product is resistant to most industrial chemicals. ...

Estogard WA10e

High Performance Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating Estogard WA10e is a two component water based, epoxy floor coating system, which is applied in two coats to achieve an approximate total dry _lm thickness of 100 microns. Estogard WA10e forms a matt, impervious finish which is hard and flexible with excellent adhesion to ...

Estogrout Admix

Plasticized Expanding Grout Admixture Estogrout Admix is an admixture for cementitious grouts where a low water : cement ratio and positive expansion are required. It is a combination of plasticizing agent and a gas producing expansion medium. Sufficient restrained expansion is developed to ensure a high degree of interfacial contact. If pre-packed cement ...

Estogrout FP 70

Estogrout FP 70 is a special formulated grout, which impart controlled expansion in both the plastic and hardened states.   Estogrout FP 70 is a pumpable non-shrink, self-levelling, cementitious grouting mortar with extended working time to suit local ambient temperature. It is supplied as a ready to use dry powder.   The addition of ...

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