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Sika Limited, anak perusahaan dari Inggris Sika Group di dunia didirikan pada tahun 1927 dan melalui kedua pertumbuhan organik dan akuisisi komersial, termasuk penggabungan mantan Trocal dan bahan Armorex, memproduksi dan memasarkan berbagai sistem state-of-the-art. Kegiatan ini didukung oleh inovasi yang tak tertandingi dalam pengembangan produk, standar tertinggi manufaktur dan saran teknis terkenal dan bimbingan in-situ. Pelopor layanan terintegrasi, perusahaan diakui dalam menyediakan bagi pengguna akhir atau specifier mereka, baik itu klien, desainer, insinyur.

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Sikadur 732

Epoxy Resin Bonding Agent A solvent-free, thixotropic, 2-component structural epoxy resin adhesive. Sikadur 732 provides a perfect bond for new concrete surface to old concrete. Complies with A.S.T.M C 881-78 Type II, Grade 2, Class B + C ...

Sikadur 752

Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin Injection. A solvent-free, 2-component super low viscosity-liquid, based on high strength epoxy resins. Specially for injecting into cavities and cracks in concrete. Complies with A.S.T.M C 881-78 Type I, Grade 1, Class B + C ...


SikaFume is a new generation concrete additive in a fine powder form based on Silica fume technology. SikaFume is used as a high effective additive for the production of high quality concrete. Complies with ASTM C 1240-00 ...

SikaGrout 214-11

A non shrink, cementitious grout, with a unique 2-stage shrinkage compensating mechanism. It is non-metallic and contains no chloride. With a special blend of shrinkage - reducing and plasticizing/water-reducing agent, Sikagrout® 214-11 compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states. Complies to Corps of Engineer’s specification CRD C-621 and ASTM ...

SikaGrout 215 (new)

A non shrink, cementitious premixed grout with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures. Flowable grout with high resistance to cement wash-out when placed under water. Complies to Corps of Engineer’s specification CRD C-621 and ASTM C-1107 ...

SikaGrout 215M

A non-shrink grout, specially developed for marine environment structure and concrete repair. With an additional special blend of fibre, silica fume and appropriate superplastizer, Sika Grout 215 M compensates shrinkage in both plastic and hardened states. Complies to ASTM C-1107 ...

SikaGrout FM

A ready mixed, low heat cementitious grout incorporating silica fume which has excellent flowability and a special two-stage volumetric expansion characteristic to compensate the plastic shrinkage normally associated with cementitious grout. Complies to Corps of Engineer’s specification CRD C-621 and ASTM C-1107 ...


A synthetic rubber emulsion for addition to cement mortars where good adhesion and water resistance are required. ...

Sikament LN

A highly effective water reducing agent and superplasticizer for promoting accelerated hardening with high workability. Complies with A.S.T.M. C 494-92 Type F ...

SikaSet Accelerator

A concentrated solution of accelerating, plasticizing, and shrinkage-reducing agents. It is added to Portland cement to produce quick setting mortar. ...

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