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Fosroc is one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist chemicals to the construction industry. With a comprehensive range of products and a highly developed UK network, Fosroc offers a high quality solution for virtually any job, whatever the scale.

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Conplast SF1000

Conplast SF1000 is a densified silica fume admixture formulated to produce high quality concrete. ...

Conplast SP2000GL

Conplast SP2000GL is a liquid superplasticiser based on the sodium salt of a high molecular weight naphthalene Sulphonic Acid Formaldehyde Condensate it does not contain any chloride or nitrate. ...

Conplast SP337

Conplast SP337 is based on a blend of specially selected organic polymers and is supplied as a brown liquid which instantly disperses in water.   When added to the concrete mix Coplast SP337 causes the cement particles, which normally tend to agglomerate, to disperse and hence expose a larger surface area to ...

Conplast SP430D

Coplast SP430D is a synthetic plastidser derived from sulphonates naphthalene. Supplied as a brown liquid and it is istantly dispersible in water. Conplast SP430D will, depend on dosage level and mix design, provide flowing concrete, high strength concrete, accelerated early age strength development and waterproof concrete. ...

Conplast UW

Conplast UW is a chloride free water soluble polymer supplied as a line off-white powder. Conplast UW produces a gel in the water which surrounds the cement particles and protects them from washout. ...

Conplast WP421

Fosroc provides a technical advisory service for on-siteassistance and advice on admixture selection, evaluationtrials and dispensing equipment. Technical data andguidance can be provided for admixtures and otherproducts for use with fresh and hardened concrete. ...

Conplast X421M

Conplast X421M is a brown liquid that is added to concrete to onhibit the passage of water, and contains a non air entraining plasticiser to assits optimum compaction, selected antifoam agent and hydrophobic polymer to repel external water. ...

Cork Fillers

Fosroc Cork Fillers are a range of bonded cork expansion joint fillers recommended for use in immersed conditions. ...


Cureseal is a non-degrading, resin, curing compound as well as concrete protection. It is supplied as a single component liquid which is ready for immediate on-site application. Cureseal is applied, by spray, to cementitious surfaces at a coverage rate of 4.5 to 6.0 m2 per litre. It produces a hard ...


Expancell polyethylene foam back-up cords have the ability to perform several functions. They enable the correct width to depth ratio of the sealing slot to be maintained and provide a firm backing for the sealant to be tooled. This will precipitate wetting of the sides of the joint during the ...

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