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Fosroc is one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist chemicals to the construction industry. With a comprehensive range of products and a highly developed UK network, Fosroc offers a high quality solution for virtually any job, whatever the scale.

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Conbextra HS

Conbextra HS is a type C Grout supplied as a ready to use dry powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a freeflowing non shrink grout for gap widths of 20-125 mm. The materials is a blend of cements, pregraded fillers and additives which impart controlled expansion in both ...

Conbextra HX

Conbextra HX is high strength non-shrink cementitious grout specially formulated from Portland cement, graded filler and special chemical additives. Conbextra HX is supplied as ready to use dry powder. It is only required additional of clean water to produce a flowing non-shrink grout for grouting of gap thickness up to ...

Conbextra HXtra

Conbextra Hxtra is high strength non-shrink cementitious grout speciallyformulated from Portland cement, gradedfiller and special chemical additives. Conbextra Hxtra is supplied as ready touse dry powder. It is only requiredadditional of clean water to produce aflowing non-shrink grout for grouting of gapthickness up to 100 mm. The present of special chemical ...

Conbextra STD

Conbextra STD, multi purpose cementitious contuction grout, is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing grout. Additives impart controlled expansion characteristics and reduce the water necessary to give a fluid grout. The grout can be used up ...


Concure is the name given to a range of curing compounds for spraying onto the surface of concrete to provide an effective and economical method of curing. Concure is available in several grades to meet specific requirements.   ...

Concure P

CONCURE P is a polymer emulsion liquid membrane curing compound, milky while in colour and cures to a dear film. ...

Concure PI

Concure PI is a liquid membrane curing compound based on high grade silicate compound, clear in color and when cured form a thin clear film. Concure PI complies with ASTM C 309-97 Type 1 ...

Conplast AE210

Conplast AE210 is a chloride-free admixture based on neutralised vinsol resin and is supplied as a dark brown solution. Conplast AE210 acts on the interface of the coment/aggregate particies and mixing water to produce microscopic air bubbles evenly distributed throughout the concrete. ...

Conplast RP264M3

Conplast RP264M2 is a dark brown liquid based on modified selected lignosulphonates. When added to concrete, Conplast RP264M3 is absorbed on to the cement, and acts as a dispersing agent by breaking down the agglomerates of cement particles. This enables the mix water to perform more efficiently. Conplast RP264M2 delays the ...

Conplast SD100

Coplas SD100 mix improver is chloride free and specially formulated for optimum performance with modern concrete block paving and masonry production equipment. It is supplied as a brown solution which instantly disperses in water. Conplast SD100 disperses the fine particles in the mix and produces a rheological flow as moulds are ...

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