Cipta Rupa Pertama

2009 July

Bearing Pad Levelling Mortar application @ A. Yani Bridge Road, Bekasi.


Period      : July 2009

Contractor: Paesa Pasindo Engineering, PT

Owner      : Indonesian Public Work Department

Products  : Conbextra GP Xtra (FOSROC)


The challenge was to make the track pad bearing precast girder beam precision to be installed right at the position as planned.

CRP measures do:

1.  Measuring over elevation plan using theodolites aids.

2.  High formwork plan with appropriate markings.

3.  Assemble steel reinforcement to resist the pull of the girder structure and live load.

4.  Existing concrete surface dampened with water and a bonding agent.

5.  Mixing and stirring Conbextra GPXtra fit measure indicated in the data sheet. Then the mixture is poured into the formwork has been completed in accordance with the plan level.

6.  Since grouting material has expanded upon by nature setting, then GPXtra Conbextra surface covered with 12 mm thick multiplex laden with sand evenly across the surface.

7.  With these steps, the process can be prevented expand grouting material to achieve maximum strength.

8.  Formwork opened after 36 hours of application, and loading girders made ​​after 28 days on the bearing pad application.